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The Story of the Unholy Irish Cow

A recent holiday to the West Coast of Ireland – aka the Emerald Isle – got me thinking about the fraught relationship between cows and climate change. The mild damp Irish climate provides the perfect climate for grass, the staple natural diet of the cow, where it grows 12 months of the year. From an animal-welfare … Continued

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The Conundrum of High Electricity Prices

Electricity has become the most important energy source we know. Without it none of the digital devices that make up our modern lives would function. Electricity is also the most controllable and efficient energy source we know. Case in point, the internal combustion engine which is 30% efficient. This means that 70% of energy that … Continued

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Heat: the elephant in the room that everyone ignores

I came across a very interesting statistic the other day from the International Energy Agency that 50% of total energy consumption globally is used for the production of heat for our homes, industry and other applications. Most of this heat comes from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and is responsible for a significant proportion … Continued

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GR auto

How the EV Revolution will impact commodities

Let me start by saying that the electrification of the automobile is a revolution which cannot be stopped. It will have an impact on the whole automobile value chain including a whole range of commodities such as oil. Currently, around 25% of global oil demand, about 15m barrels per day, goes directly into fueling automobiles. … Continued

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GR Tesla Blog

How Tesla is creating a revolution in power electronics

I was recently at PCIM, the power electronics tradeshow in Nuremberg, where I met a whole host of companies across the power electronics value chain. The biggest take away for me was that next generation power electronics are coming, and sooner than most market participants assume, and all because of the bold move by Tesla to … Continued

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The case for Uber and mobility services

I recently landed in Berlin Tegel airport to find my way home being blocked by an irate group of taxi drivers. That followed on from my experience in the prior week when I had to get into what can only be described as a smelly and dirty diesel guzzling taxi in that same airport, only … Continued

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Why Bill Gates is wrong about energy

I recently read Bill Gate’s Linkedin end of 2018 article ‘What I learned at work this year,’which I very much enjoyed. While I agree with much of what Bill wrote, I can’t help but draw parallels between the part on energy and the biggest strategic blunder that both he and Microsoft made, namely missing out on … Continued

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The importance of battery recycling and second life batteries

Batteries like all our electronic gadgets are susceptible to wear and tear and aging, with their life span depending on chemistry and how the batteries are used. In electric vehicles, batteries are put under significant stress because of the speed at which those batteries are charged and discharged, not to mention the weather extremes they … Continued

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The outlook for the global solar market is brighter than ever!

Call me a glutton for punishment but here are my predictions for global solar installations for this year, and yes for the 14th year in a row I got last year’s estimates wrong again, and as always, I underestimated the size of the market. I thought that market installations in 2018 would be lower than … Continued

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China’s Remarkable Development – a view from the energy world

China’s economic development in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable but most of us don’t realize the extent of their achievements or the scale of the changes going on there. There is no better place to see these developments than in the energy area, and the following ten points give a good overview: … Continued

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How utilities can benefit from the electrification of transport and why they have not done so to date!

Most utilities across North America and Europe are experiencing challenging times thanks to falling wholesale power prices, a tough regulatory environment and decreasing demand for their electricity. The one saving grace could be the electrification of transport but I don’t see many utilities really embracing this growth opportunity, which seems odd. More electric cars will lead to … Continued

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Why 2019 will become the year of the Electric Vehicle

There are five reasons why I think 2019 will become the year of the electric vehicle and why we will look back and say that 2019 was the year when we reached the tipping point: 1. Growing competition from China China is already the biggest market and producer of electric vehicles and components in the … Continued

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Why the future is batteries!

Batteries have become an incredibly important and largely ignored part of our lives; until of course your phone runs out of batteries! Our digital lives would be impossible without batteries which provide our electronic devices with the on the go power they need. Batteries are truly everywhere and in massive numbers. There are close to 5bn mobile phones … Continued

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The last chance for the hydrogen economy?

The idea of the hydrogen economy goes back to the early 1970s when the scientist John Bockris began promoting the idea of using hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels that could be used for transport and stationary power generation purposes as well as an energy storage medium. Proponents argue that it is the perfect solution to … Continued

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12th NOV

Why we have now reached an inflexion point in the automobile industry and why it looks good for Tesla but not for Germany

Statistics tell a 1,000 stories and the following 10 stats have convinced me that we have reached a point of no return when it comes to the electrification of transport. Diesel is dead and we will electrify bikes, automobiles, busses and trucks, and there is no way that the incumbents can block the speed of … Continued

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1st NOV

What we can learn from the mistakes of GE

I am sure that Thomas Edison is turning in his grave as he looks down at his once great and now ailing company General Electric which has led the global electrification revolution for the last century. General Electric or GE as it is more commonly known was always synonymous with excellence but that is not … Continued

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October 4 2018

The future of wind power looks very positive

I recently visited Wind Energy Hamburg where I spent a day walking around and meeting executives in companies across the wind value chain. It was a much more buoyant show that the same event last year with solid growth expected in global wind installations this year (58GW, up from 52GW in 2017) with 2019 expected to … Continued

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6th Sept

Why we need a power blackout

There is a lot of talk of cyber-security in the media and nearly all of us have had a computer virus or have been in some way affected by a cyber-attack, but for most of us they have not been that serious. A cyber-attack on the power system, on the other hand, would be very … Continued

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25th Aug

Who will build the first successful energy platform business?

One stop digital interfaces such as Amazon as well as the growing use of smart phones and other internet based platforms such as Spotify and Facebook are impelling companies across the world to change how they interact with customers, as well as how they attract and retain business. We are actually in the midst of … Continued

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Why we need to understand China’s Energy Strategy

China’s thirst for energy has fueled its incredible economic development over the last two decades, but it has come at a hidden risk, the growing dependence of the country on energy imports, be that coal, oil or natural gas. In addition, the economy is too reliant on coal for its energy needs which is a major … Continued

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The Future of Coal?

There were two reports published earlier this month which made me think about coal, one was from Credit Suisse and the other BNEF. The report from Credit Suisse, using IEA data, sees coal remaining the prime energy source of energy for power generation across the globe in the coming decades. BNEF, in stark contrast, see coal … Continued

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Trying to make sense out of the RWE/E.ON utility deal

It was with great surprise to me some weeks back that Germany’s biggest utility E.ON reached an “agreement in principle” with its biggest competitor RWE to acquire its grid and retail business Innogy via a wide-ranging “exchange of assets,” including RWE taking over the renewables and other power generation businesses of E.ON. The result, if the … Continued

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Why we will electrify trucking faster than you think (and it has nothing to do with Tesla)

Most people are starting to believe that the automobile will become electrified. What is disputed is the timing and whether the automobile will be hybrid or fully electric, and whether it will be battery or fuel cell powered. The same, however, can not be said of trucks. Given the range and power needed, most commentators, … Continued

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Are we about to see a renaissance of the forgotten renewable energy geothermal?

We have been using heat from under the earth’s surface for bathing and wellness purposes for thousands of years. The Italians took it a step forward in 1902 with the opening of the Larderello field when for the first time geothermal heat, as is known, was used to power steam turbines and to generate electricity. … Continued

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The rush for cobalt and what it means for EVs

Two years ago, I identified the significance of cobalt for the future of the electric vehicle. My investments have paid off well. But, sadly, many of the automobile manufacturers such as VW did not understand the significance of cobalt and their inability to secure the material now puts their whole electrification strategy in danger. This … Continued

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