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Bruce Huber chairs the Solar Finance & Investment Europe Summit 2019 and speaks on “European Electricity Market: Bankability VS Economics”

Bruce Huber chairs the Solar Finance & Investment Europe Summit 2019 and speaks on “European Electricity Market: Bankability VS Economics”.

The following were addressed:

  • How is Brexit affecting our position toward Renewable Energy targets?
  • European supply without MIP: winners, losers and prices
  • Tier 1 vs Tier 2 : is bankability more important than economics?
  • Chinese shipment updates and their strategy change from domestic to international markets
  • Opportunities for Solar on the cross-border intraday European markets
  • What will happen now that France is looking to reduce their nuclear output?
  • Interconnectors trends: Iceland to UK and France to Spain
  • Priority dispatch for RE: how is it evolving?
  • How will merchant solar compete in the balancing and ancillary services market
  • What are Brussels’ plans to increase scrutiny on modules? How does that affect the industry?


Agenda can be viewed here.