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Bruce Huber attends ERP workshop: Barriers for Energy Storage

ERP’s work on Energy Storage (2016) will provide a system-wide overview of the current financial, legal, political, commercial and regulatory challenges for Energy Storage deployment to 2030 with a “light-touch” focus on the technical challenges.

The work will begin looking at the whole system need for Energy Storage and potentially competing technologies before moving ahead to:

  1. Identify system-wide barriers to Energy Storage & possible ways to overcome them
  2. Provide clarity for: policy-makers, regulators, network operators, customers, investors & ES developers (tech & supply chain developers) to:
  3. Help catalyse & mobilise an ES supply chain of value to the UK, stimulating investment.

This last aim will be achieved by enabling collaboration of the parties and actors that are key to the system-wide development and deployment of Energy Storage.

In relation to step 1, an ‘inputs and scoping’ workshop was held in April 2016 to facilitate discussion amongst attendees and representatives from across the energy system, and to gather first-hand knowledge and experience of the barriers faced. In addition to interviews with relevant contacts from the wider energy community, the workshop has helped to inform ERP’s project work and the examples or case studies referred to.

Following the above analysis, ERP’s project will highlight significant barriers identified and put forward recommendations for how energy storage applications can be enabled and utilised across the UK.

For more information on this workshop: