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Month: January 2019


Bruce Huber chairs the Solar Finance & Investment Europe Summit 2019 and speaks on “European Electricity Market: Bankability VS Economics”

Bruce Huber chairs the Solar Finance & Investment Europe Summit 2019 and speaks on “European Electricity Market: Bankability VS Economics”. The following were addressed: How is Brexit affecting our position toward Renewable Energy targets? European supply without MIP: winners, losers and prices Tier 1 vs Tier 2 : is bankability more important than economics? Chinese shipment updates … Continued

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How utilities can benefit from the electrification of transport and why they have not done so to date!

Most utilities across North America and Europe are experiencing challenging times thanks to falling wholesale power prices, a tough regulatory environment and decreasing demand for their electricity. The one saving grace could be the electrification of transport but I don’t see many utilities really embracing this growth opportunity, which seems odd. More electric cars will lead to … Continued

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Why 2019 will become the year of the Electric Vehicle

There are five reasons why I think 2019 will become the year of the electric vehicle and why we will look back and say that 2019 was the year when we reached the tipping point: 1. Growing competition from China China is already the biggest market and producer of electric vehicles and components in the … Continued

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