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Month: June 2018


The Future of Coal?

There were two reports published earlier this month which made me think about coal, one was from Credit Suisse and the other BNEF. The report from Credit Suisse, using IEA data, sees coal remaining the prime energy source of energy for power generation across the globe in the coming decades. BNEF, in stark contrast, see coal … Continued

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Alexa Capital sponsors Ecosummit 2018 in Berlin where Gerard Reid speaks about the future of mobility

Alexa Capital sponsors the 2018 Ecosummit in Berlin where its Founder, Gerard Reid, speaks on the future of mobility. Ecosummit accelerates smart green startups, investors and corporates enabling business development, co-investing, open innovation, corporate venturing and M&A. Gerard’s presentation and video can be viewed here.

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Trying to make sense out of the RWE/E.ON utility deal

It was with great surprise to me some weeks back that Germany’s biggest utility E.ON reached an “agreement in principle” with its biggest competitor RWE to acquire its grid and retail business Innogy via a wide-ranging “exchange of assets,” including RWE taking over the renewables and other power generation businesses of E.ON. The result, if the … Continued

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