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Month: November 2017


China understood the importance of solar; GE and Siemens never did and are now paying the price

I remember the CEO of a Chinese solar company saying to me over a decade ago that “China has no choice but to dominate global solar.” At the time, they were already well on the way to becoming the major player in global solar production but it’s only now that I really understand what he … Continued

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Alexa Capital hosts roundtable lunch discussion: hybrid power solutions

The partners of Alexa Capital hosted it’s quarterly executive roundtable lunch for a strategic discussion on hybrid power solutions including perspectives from high level CEO’s.  If you would be interested in attending our executive lunches please register your interest with our team.

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Why the future of batteries is lithium and why they are going to have a big impact!

I constantly here from people that batteries are just not good enough; that they are too expensive, that they cannot hold enough energy, that that they take too long to charge. In a nutshell, that they can never replace oil to power the automobile or be used alongside solar panels to power our everyday home … Continued

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