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Month: August 2017


Have we reached an inflexion point for solar investors?

Unbelievable is a word that one should rarely use, but it is the best adjective to describe developments over the last years in the solar sector. For instance, in 2007 a 220watt 60 cell solar module, from the now bankrupt German producer SOLON, cost €822. Today a similar module costs €95. The price collapse happened … Continued

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Who will be the winners in the Digital Energy Revolution?

There are five key technologies, the 5 S’s of semiconductors, sensors and software, as well as solar and storage, which are poised to revolutionise our energy world in the coming years. Fossil fuels producers will be the ultimate losers. The economics of technologies such as solar and electric cars will be too good to ignore and the … Continued

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2017 will prove to be a record year for global solar installations

At the start of every year I estimate what the global installations of solar will be. And every year I get it wrong and I continually underestimate the size of the solar market. You would think I should learn from my mistakes but I am constantly surprised by the growth in solar. I had expected a slowdown in the … Continued

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