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Month: May 2017


The implications of Tesla and 250m EVs on our roads within a decade

I recently visited the HQ of a major global automobile supplier, a company proud of their near 100-year heritage as a key supplier of components for the internal combustion engine. After a chat with management it became clear to me that they are not yet prepared for the changes that will come at them over the … Continued

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Coal Mines Are Reimagined as a New Power Source

Gerard Reid quoted in The Wall Street Journal: “The advantage of pumped hydro is that it’s high capex, but it’s there for 100 years,” said Gerard Reid, a founding partner at Alexa Capital, a London-based corporate finance firm specializing in energy technology and infrastructure. The engineer’s report described the pump as “long-lasting and virtually maintenance … Continued

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Why investing in the big 4 German utilities is still not for the faint of heart…

The European utility market is going through the biggest upheaval in a generation. It is especially difficult for investors to navigate. Leading utilities such as E.ON, Engie and RWE have seen their share prices halved over the last five years. In stark contrast, the share prices of Enel, Iberdrola and EDP have doubled. They have done … Continued

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FT Energy Transition Strategies Summit 2017

Bruce Huber was a part of the Investors panel: Can you make money in renewables? at the FT Energy Transition Strategies Summit 2017 on the 24th May in London. The leading panel of investors and financiers discussed some of the key issues of the day: what will it take to make renewables investable (why has investment prospects … Continued

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The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became unstoppable

Bruce Huber quoted in the FT: “This time could be different Some green energy veterans bruised by past setbacks think there is a reason to be more optimistic today: batteries. “I have been early twice in financing the low-carbon energy transition,” says Bruce Huber, co-founder of the Alexa Capital advisory group. “But we feel it’s … Continued

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The critical role of EVs in driving low cost energy storage and renewable integration

Probably the biggest advantage that fossil fuels have over renewable energy resources is that they are easy to store. Over the last 150 years, we have spent massive amount of money building out that storage capacity and the related infrastructure. Renewables resources, on the other hand, such as solar and wind, are usually difficult and … Continued

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