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Month: February 2017


2017 will be the year when Wireless Charging goes Mainstream

The mass of wires that make up our modern lives is quite unbelievable. My house is full of plugs, extension leads, power cables, transformer boxes and charging devices. And charging the range of digital devices that make up our modern lives is a pain. I am always forgetting to charge the phone or bring a … Continued

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Bruce Huber in the Economist discussing Renewable Energy: A world turned upside down

Bruce Huber of Alexa Capital, which helps fund renewable-energy investments, says business consumers are probably going to be more influential in driving the adoption of these technologies than households, because they will more quickly see how they might cut their bills by using demand-response and storage. “For the last 100 years everyone has made money … Continued

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Positioning around the Great Battery Race is critical to nations and all companies involved in energy and transport

Batteries have been around for more than one hundred years but thanks to the smart phone they have become important enablers of our modern lives. As battery technology improves they will become critical components for powering our automobiles as well as become vital assets for our power system. In fact, the coming of cheap and … Continued

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Renewables enter a new golden era? Not just yet, I am afraid.

Over the last decade we have seen a global boom in renewables with installations increasing every year without fail. We are however now entering a new phase were annual installations are likely to flatten out and maybe fall as we find better ways to integrate renewables into our power systems as well as find alternative … Continued

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Bruce Huber is part of the Pioneer’s selection committee at the Bloomberg Future of Energy Summit 24-25 April 2017 in New York

The Summit is an invitational only forum providing an unrivalled meeting place at the intersection of the energy markets, industry, finance and policy.  It is a year-round, global experience powered by Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s cutting edge research team, as it explores the shifting forces in the energy system and defines the implications for the … Continued

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Why my daughter will never learn to drive a car…

When I told my five-year-old daughter that I was buying an electric car, she was to say the least excited. But this excitement turned to huge disappointment when she realised that there was no internet in the car. It got even worse, when she realised she could not control the car with her iPad as she … Continued

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