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Month: September 2016


Russia and the changing world of European gas

Natural gas prices in Europe are sitting at close to five years lows. This has happened for a variety of reasons but in particular weak demand, the shale gas revolution and changes in EU policy which have increased competition across the gas markets. Europe’s major gas supplier Russia sees the low prices as a short … Continued

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Bruce Huber speaking at the 18th Annual REFF Europe in Dublin, Ireland

Bruce Huber will be speaking at the 18th Annual Renewable Energy Finance Forum Europe at the Hilton Dublin, Ireland, 22nd – 23rd September, 2016 “REFF has a track record for bringing together industry thought leaders” How are developers, investors, lenders, offtakers and other stakeholders reacting to transformations in Europe’s fast-moving renewable energy industry? Where are the challenges … Continued

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The coming of the hydrogen economy, finally?

Hydrogen and fuel cells seem to be in the news again. We have Honda and Toyotabringing out fuel cells cars and then we have Europe’s largest utility Engie proclaiming that the future is hydrogen. I must admit though I am a little sceptical as I have heard this tune before, and I still doubt the … Continued

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Alexa Capital hosts roundtable lunch discussion on Utility 2.0: The Future is Energy Services

The partners of Alexa Capital hosted a executive roundtable lunch for a strategic discussion on The Future is Energy Services including perspectives from high level CEO’s from the Energy Sector.  If you would be interested in attending our executive lunches please register your interest with our team.

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Maybe the worst is behind for Uniper but can we say the same for E.ON?

Right before our eyes, we are seeing new technology enabled service business models across energy. The new business model of utilities are not about selling KWhs of electricity but instead selling flatrates, software as a service, energy service agreements, platforms for data sharing, all of which are empowering customers across the world. But change is … Continued

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How cheap and decentralized energy storage will revolutionize our world

Batteries may have been around for the last 100 years but the technology and cost reduction advances we have seen in the last years has been nothing short of remarkable. In 2009, lithium-ion battery packs were priced at $1,300 per KWh; today they are below $350/KWh with a clear cost roadmap towards $100/KWh over the next … Continued

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