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Month: May 2016


Why the German Energiewende needs electric vehicles

As it stands Germany already at times produces enough renewables to meet all of its power needs. This was the case on two Sundays in May when there was so much power available that prices went negative, meaning that generators and traders had to pay people to take that power. In fact, on the 8 … Continued

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Gerard Reid participated as a panel member at the St.Gallen Renewables Conference

26th –27th May 2016 Gerard Reid participated as a panel member at the St.Gallen Renewables Conference The focus of this year’s St. Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies: RE-Invest 2016. Gerard will be a panel member discussing “The RE investment Landscape after Paris”.  


Gerard Reid speaking at the Austria Energy Trend Forum in Vienna

24th May 2016 Gerard Reid speaking at the Austria Energy Trend Forum in Vienna. He will also be interviewed by Austrian Media ‘Trend’ (Austria’s leading business magazine).


Why I am positive about a renewable future despite the fact that we installed more fossil fuels than renewables across the world in 2015

The Paris Agreement from last December was a major event in that it solicited national targets and common agreement on a global goal from more than 190 countries, setting the world on a common path, towards low-carbon energy alternatives.  One of the impacts of this will be that countries will put in regulations pushing cleaner … Continued

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EDF Talk Power Briefing

19th May 2016 EDF Talk Power Briefing Bruce Huber was invited to attend EDF’s generator Talk Power Briefing..


Why I think better times are ahead for solar investors

At this time last year I felt that things were changing and that we were entering a new growth wave of solar growth that would drive valuations, new business model and excitement about the sector. And with the market anticipating the massive growth in solar demand last year (40% growth) stock prices reacted very positively … Continued

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Is the Future of Lighting LEDs or OLEDs?

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs as they are more commonly known are becoming very common place in our homes and businesses. In former years, we knew LEDs as the small red indicator lights you see sometimes on electrical devices but today thanks to massive cost reductions and improvements in technology, LEDs are now being used for … Continued

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