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Month: April 2016


Bruce Huber speaking at the Clean Energy Summit in Twickenham

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The German Automobile Industry’s Date with Destiny

I received this text last weekend from a German utility executive friend: “I met my destiny yesterday. Had a test drive in a Tesla S P90D. Summary: OMG. Unbelievable. Really unbelievable. This is f…ing great. No surprise that they have such success. This thing has a driving mode named INSANE and that’s exactly the right … Continued

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Gerard Reid speaking at Hannover Messe

Gerard will be talking about the opportunities for decentralised second-life storage batteries on the energy-and mobility market. For more information on this event please view:


Alexa Capital hosts roundtable discussion on Energy Storage

The partners of Alexa Capital hosted a energy storage roundtable lunch to discuss market Evolution which included perspectives from high level CEO’s from the Energy sector. If you would be interested in attending our executive lunches please register your interest with our team.

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How and why electric vehicles will change the energy world forever

Tesla’s Model 3 has achieved an astonishing 400,000 pre-orders since its pre-launch earlier this month. What’s more astounding is that 115,000 possible buyers sent in their deposit before they even knew what the car looked like. Tesla has again shown that there is real consumer interest and demand for electric vehicles (EVs). In fact, we … Continued

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Why energy storage will ensure that energy remains a difficult but exciting place to invest your money over the next years

We have already seen hundreds of billions of dollars wiped off the value of many of our major energy incumbents noting the massive share price falls of major oil and gas producers like Shell and Exxon, utilities such as NRG Energy, E.ON and Engie not to mention a whole range of bankrupt or near bankrupt … Continued

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Bruce Huber attends ERP workshop: Barriers for Energy Storage

ERP’s work on Energy Storage (2016) will provide a system-wide overview of the current financial, legal, political, commercial and regulatory challenges for Energy Storage deployment to 2030 with a “light-touch” focus on the technical challenges. The work will begin looking at the whole system need for Energy Storage and potentially competing technologies before moving ahead to: Identify … Continued

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Bruce Huber is part of the Pioneer’s selection committee at the Bloomberg Future of energy Summit 2016

The Summit is an invitational only forum providing an unrivalled meeting place at the intersection of the energy markets, industry, finance and policy. The 9th annual BNEF Future of Energy Summit was held on April 4-5, 2016 in NY. Over 1000 attendees joined 150 speakers covering key areas in energy transformation. For more about the … Continued

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Why we are likely to see an extreme upward rebound in the oil price

We are nearly two years on from Saudi Arabia’s decision to cast off its traditional role as the central banker to the oil industry. That decision has led to a significant overproduction of oil and the collapse of the oil price from a high of $115 in June 2014 to below $30 a barrel last … Continued

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