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Month: February 2016


2016 will be another record year for solar in terms of new installations

The big question is whether we will see growth in global solar installations this year against the backdrop of low oil, natural gas and coal prices?  The answer is a resounding yes! Not only will we have double digit installations growth but we will also see over 64GW of new installations, which will not only … Continued

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The Transformation of the Electricity Industry

It has been a pleasure working with 18 leading energy experts from different countries and backgrounds as part of the World Economic Forum’s  Global Agenda Council on the Future of Electricity. We have just published a report entitled Global Agenda Council on the Future of Electricity: Busting the Myth for Transformation in which we take a … Continued

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How solar and storage will revolutionize how we pay for power

I just spent the last two days at E-World, the leading utility trade show in Europe. I spent a lot of time speaking about new business models with utility executives, startups and industry experts. One of the topics on my mind was the “flat rate”, the idea that in the future we would pay a fixed … Continued

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Solar revolution continues in 2016

Solar power has already become the cheapest form of new electricity generation in many regions of the world. It has also become the lowest cost renewable technology and more interesting it has reached this level despite ten-years low oil, coal and naturals gas prices. As we predicted in this blog last year, 2015 has been … Continued

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The Economic of Low Oil Prices

Oil prices recently hit $27.56 a barrel, their lowest level since 2003. The result is that it is now cheaper to buy a litre of gasoline in your local gasoline station than a litre of sparkling water. But the impacts of the price rout over the last 15 months looks very different depending on your … Continued

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