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Month: January 2016


The End of the Great Energy Depression is Near

Recessions are a normal and healthy part of the economic cycle. They usually come about because there is too much supply in the market which in turn causes prices and then profitability to fall which then leads to restructuring and a sort of “cleansing out” before eventually growth comes again. A severe recession, one that … Continued

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Oil in 2016: Entering the End Game

We have now lived through one and a half years of falling oil prices and continual overproduction across the world. We have seen analyst after analyst reduce their oil price targets. We have seen massive drops in CAPEX across the industry. We have seen job losses but still we see no stability in the oil … Continued

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What do you think of these energy predictions for 2016?

1. Oil prices stabilize The oil price will be volatile for the next months but should stabilise and rise as production begins to fall in the United States and other higher cost regions. The oil price is likely to settle in and around $60 over the next 18 months, which is the price that oil … Continued

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