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Month: October 2015


The False Hopes of Offshore Wind

Sometimes you have to go with your gut reactions. When it came to offshore wind I did not and as a result I got it wrong. At the start of 2011 I put out a research report predicting that Europe would have 14GW of offshore wind-capacity by 2015 with another 25GW following over the next … Continued

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How Tesla’s Gigafactory will change our world

Lithium-ion battery prices in 2009 were around $1,200 per KWh. Thanks to Musk’s Law, which is all about having the entrepreneurial spirit, vision and bravery to take on the global automobile incumbents and battery producers, battery prices have collapsed in recent years. And going forward thanks to the decision of Elon Musk,  Tesla and Panasonic … Continued

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Has Volkswagen killed the diesel car?

The Volkswagen emissions scandal is quite shocking in a numbers of ways. First and foremost, in these days of controls, audits, checks and compliance, it is really unbelievable that they could put a piece of software in a car to enable them to manipulate emission tests. And what is clear is that a huge number … Continued

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