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Month: June 2015


Growing risk of stranded assets thanks to regulation and innovation

Investing in energy used to be a safe place to put your money: in times of trouble utilities with their solid dividends were the place to invest. “Defensive” investments as they used to be called. However, that was yesterday. Today, particularly across Europe, nearly all utilities are in some form of strategic review and/or restructuring. … Continued

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The coming of behind the meter storage?

I spent the other day at Intersolar in Munich, a solar trade fair which used to be the biggest in the world. Today, it is a half the size of what is was some year’s back which says a lot about the state of the European solar market. The reality is that the big markets … Continued

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Are we at the start of the solar era?

I took part in a workshop yesterday entitled “Are we at the start of the solar era?”which was organized by the German energy think tank Agora. The focus of the workshop was a report published some months back by the Fraunhofer Institute entitled “Current and Future Cost of Photovoltaics.” I had to give a presentation … Continued

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