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Month: April 2015


Why renewables is disrupting the financing of power generation

Increased competition and transparency in the power markets have led, in recent years, to a fall in wholesale power prices across much of North America and Europe. One of the primary beneficiaries of these lower power prices has been heavy industry which are not able to only benefit from the low power prices but also … Continued

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Breakdown of the relationship between oil, gas and coal prices?

We currently consume one thousand barrels of crude oil in each second of every day. It is by far the most important energy source used across the globe. Oil is used for heating, for electricity generation and transport, with approximately 95% of all global transport being dependent on it as a fuel. In addition, oil … Continued

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Short term outlook for oil remain negative

Many commentators have suggested that the oil price would rise in the first quarter. Well here we are the start of the second quarter and the oil price is still below $50. Whatsmore any trader will tell you that from a technical point of the chart looks pretty ugly with oil caught in a downward … Continued

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