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Month: March 2015


Why China is the king of solar..

A decade ago one of the CEO’s of a Chinese solar manufacturer told me that “China has no choice but to dominate solar.” I didn’t really believe him at the time as we had just seen the German manufacturer Q-Cells IPO on the German stock market to great fanfare and the technology and the market … Continued

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The nuclear fallout from Areva’s very bad 2014

If a business has more liabilities than assets it is esentially bankrupt. Such a business has what is called negative equity and it is exactly the situation the French nuclear giant Areva finds itself in. Luckily the business is 85% owned by the French state (who I am sure will in some form or other … Continued

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Why the oil price is going to fall further

Oil inventory data published by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) earlier this week shows clearly that there is downside risk to the current oil price. The data showed total stocks of oil and oil related products at an all time high of 1,873m barrels. Whatsmore the US produced 9.3m barrels of oil per … Continued

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Why we need an Energy Union in Europe

This article was first posted on the Energy and Carbon Blog The facts speak for themselves. The European Union spends over $450bn every year on energy imports representing over 50% of Europe’s energy needs. Contrast with the United States which reached a peak of 30% in 2006. It has since fallen to below 10%. In … Continued

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