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Month: February 2015


Is Germany showing us the future of power markets?

This article first appeared in the Energy and Carbon Blog Germany is attempting something quite revolutionary. It is attempting to create the first real market for power with lots of buyers and sellers in which both sides can react quickly to price signals, on both the demand and supply sides. In economics, we call this … Continued

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Making sense of the recent rally in oil prices

This post first appeared in the Energy and Carbon Blog Normally a rise in inventories is a signal of excess supply in the market and usually prices fall in response to that demand-supply imbalance. However we do not live in normal times. For the week ending 30 January crude oil inventories across the United States … Continued

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2015 will be a record year for solar

This post was first published on the Energy and Carbon Blog I have been looking at the solar market for ten years now and ever year I try to estimate how big the market will be. To be honest I have never gotten it right, and in fact it always comes in above what I … Continued

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