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Month: January 2015


The myth of a secure power system

This article was first published on the Energy and Carbon Blog: Concerns about national security are raising their ugly heads again across Europe. Whether it is the growing threat of ISIS, the recent shootings in Paris or the ongoing dispute with Russia over the Ukraine, security is on everyone’s lips. But it is not just … Continued

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The solar revolution is only starting…

This article first appeared in the Energy and Carbon blog In theory, solar power has always been the perfect solution to our energy needs. Not only do our lifes and the lifes of nearly all living organisms on our planet depend on the light from the sun for energy needs, but our fossil fuels all … Continued

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Are we in an energy revolution? Published on January 15, 2015

This article was first published in the Energy and Carbon Blog I was at a conference the other day and one of the big questions was whether we were in the middle of an energy revolution or whether it was a transition or as the German’s call it an Energiewende. There was also some input … Continued

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Oil in 2015: Who will blink first: the sovereigns or U.S. drillers?

This article first appeared on the Energy and Carbon Blog at: The recent fall in oil price is all to do with excess supply. How drastic the fall has been is largely down to the widely held view that OPEC and particularly Saudi Arabia would take the necessary steps and cut production to keep the … Continued

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Electric vehicles will have huge ramifications for oil prices

This article first appeared in the Energy and Carbon Blog A little over a hundred years ago, at the start of the 20 century, electric vehicles (EVs) actually outsold combustion engined cars. They had many advantages. They were quieter. They did not smell. They made no vibrations. They were easy to start and here was … Continued

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