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Bruce Huber speaking on the Investors panel: Can you make money in renewables? at the FT Energy Transition Strategies Summit 2017 on the 24th May in London.

The leading panel of investors and financiers discussed some of the key issues of the day: what will it take to make renewables investable (why has investment prospects to date been so poor, how can the situation be improved), and what will it take for investors to divert capital from fossil fuels to clean energy.



Bruce Huber quoted in the Economist discussing Renewable Energy: A world turned upside down

Alexa Capital, which helps fund renewable-energy investments, says business consumers are probably going to be more influential in driving the adoption of these technologies than households, because they will more quickly see how they might cut their bills by using demand-response and storage. “For the last 100 years everyone has made money upstream. Now the added value is coming downstream,” he says.


Bruce Huber quoted in the FT:

“This time could be different: Some green energy veterans bruised by past setbacks think there is a reason to be more optimistic today: batteries. “I have been early twice in financing the low-carbon energy transition,” says Bruce Huber, co-founder of the Alexa Capital advisory group. “But we feel it’s third time lucky.” One reason for his optimism is what he calls the “tectonic plate-shifting” in the car industry that is driving down the cost of energy storage.